NYC – Stops & Speed – Sat 1st & Sun 2nd June 2019


$137.00 $120.00

Saturday 1st June 2019

Stops and Slides

Level: Advanced Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced Intermediates
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: Central Park (exact location t.b.a.)

The most important of ALL skate skills is how to stop and every skater should have several high functioning Stopping methods in their tool kit. We begin with the easier stops (excluding heel brake) and work through to the more complex ones.

The majority of skaters do not fully realise that by neglecting their stopping methods they not only increase their risks but also impede their learning of other skills such as fitness and speed skating.

This Stops and Slides class has been taught in almost every city on Asha’s World Tour. The success rate of skaters leaving this class with a brand new, sliding Powerslide (from forward entry) has often been as high as 80%. This is what a recent Powerslider commented after class;
“I’ve watched your Powerslides for years and thought it the coolest and most impossible stop and one that I certainly would never get. I feel like a small child now with my impossible dream realized. I can Powerslide. This has been the best day ever.”

This workshop is NOT suitable for beginners (who should focus 100% on mastering the Heel Brake Stop before any other methods).

  • Stepping Plough Stop
  • T-Stop (so that it actually stops you. Both feet and on corners for more adv)
  • Turn Stops (Slalom, Parallel and Lunge)
  • Powerslide (forwards entry)
  • Soul Slide
  • Magic Slide
  • Combining Stops into functional sequences (eg, T-Stop into Plough or Turn Slalom into T-Stop into Powerslide).