NYC – Speed – Sunday 2nd June 2019 at 11am to 1.30pm



Sunday 2nd June 2019

Fitness / Speed / Stride

Level: Advanced Beginners & Intermediates
Time: 11am to 1.30pm
Location: Central Park (exact location t.b.a.)

We all spend MOST of our time on skates JUST SKATING! However if your Skating Stride lacks the fundamentals you will not get the Fitness benefits that skating offers. More
seriously, you may have created bad habits over time (such an inside edge pronation) that can lead to ‘slow onset injuries’ if left unchecked.

There are 3 parts to your skating Stride; The Push, the Glide and the Regroup.
All 3 must be correct for the stride to flow, look good and produce sustained high speeds (and feel great).

Are you Pushing efficiently?
Is your Glide correct in terms of edges and cadence?
Is your Regroup maximising your Stride or is it destroying all the hard work you just put in?

Asha’s series of Stride Exercises are designed to progressively train all 3 parts of your stride and help you understand what’s needed for super smooth (and fast) skating.
This workshop will leave you with many drills to train and perfect over coming weeks which will improve your technique and your fitness and lower body strength if you do them regularly.

This class will not cover the Double Push (but this perfect stride is the most important prerequisite for a strong Double Push).

Your skating will never be the same again and your bad habits will begin to fade with the tools you pick up in this class.