Online Booking – Cambridge Fens Skate Trip – 4th August 2018



Join Asha for a day of Fitness and Speed Skating Training and ideal Berlin marathon preparation on Saturday 4th August. Who says we have to go to Europe to get smooth beautiful skating?

Minimum Requirements

The level for this Trip is Intermediate and like all Skatefresh Trips you’ll need to apply so that we can control the average speed of the trip and not become too spread out. A minimum requirement is that you are already skating the Wednesday night London Street Skate.

Please do not buy your train tickets until you have been accepted onto the Trip. If you are new to Skatefresh Trips or haven’t been to class with Asha before we may need to see video of you skating to assess if you reach the minimum requirements.

The 13 mile track from Cambridge North Station to St Ives (and back) means we will skate a marathon in one day (with a stop for lunch after 13 miles) and some lesson time focussing on Stride work (improving your Push, Glide and Regroup). We will also play with some drafting and increasing your stamina and looking at arm swing options and how to skate when you feel fatigue (which is normal when skating a marathon). There will also be some skater specific stretching and yoga both pre and post skate.

The track is completely flat and extremely smooth (much like Holland) and even boasts a windmill! Usually we have to go to Europe to get these kind of skate conditions but this new trip was discovered by a local Skatefresh student Rob who recommended it, so we can now enjoy this day trip with a short train ride from Kings Cross.

This will be perfect training for anyone doing the Berlin marathon in September but its not exclusively for this purpose. This trip will help you hone your skating technique and rid you of any bad habits such as inside edge pronation or V-ing on your set down. It will be a great workout and a chance to skate in an un-crowded rural countryside setting (a nice change for most of us city skaters).


The day’s fee includes all guiding and teaching and costs £40. Asha will be working with each skater individually to correct and improve their Stride while also giving group mini lessons and focus points throughout the day. Some work on Stopping may also be included if needed.

What to bring

Once you’ve been accepted onto the Trip, you will need to book your train there and back and pay for your own lunch in St Ives.

You’ll need a rucksack for your things (but try to pack light), water, plus sunscreen and protective gear and helmet.

Getting there from London (less than 1 hour train)

If travelling from London, we will meet on the 9:42am Train from Kings Cross to Cambridge North Station (arriving 10:38) and we begin our skate from Cambridge North and return there later in the afternoon. Buy an open return so we aren’t stressed for time on the return and we will have lunch in St Ives where there are several options to eat including Waitress style picnic (depending on the weather).

Please email before paying for your trip. We will try to accept you as soon as possible so you can benefit from cheaper train fares etc.