PLEASE NOTE: This trip is now fully booked. Please email if you would like to be added to the waiting list

After Asha skated NYC in 2015 she vowed to make this trip a reality.​

This trip will begin with New York’s only mass street skate, the Wednesday Night Skate.

There will be 3 skate routes touring Manhattan (Upper West Side, Chelsea, Downtown, Wall Street, East Village, Times Square, 72nd Street (as per Asha’s video below but slower) so you get a real feel for the whole island, plus a skate to Brooklyn and Prospect Park.

One morning will be dedicated to lessons in Central Park focussing on slopes, higher speed stops, and speed improvement plus other requested skills. Other lesson spots will occur during the tours at suitable locations.

End of trip party on Sunday 9th June will be with the dancers in Central Park (the home and birthplace of modern inline skating).

When you aren’t skating in New York you will have plenty of free time to explore the city and see the sites off skates. There will be one optional excursion to go up the Empire State Building and a final dinner but prices for these won’t be available until 2019.


Cost of skating component £425 (includes Trip T-shirt)

How To Apply

We want participants to have a long lead time (10 months) in which to get cheaper flights and accommodation so please send your application to us at before the end of July 2018. We will then assess all the candidates and choose the strongest skaters.

If we already know you from a previous Skatefresh Trip

Please email Trish at and tell us you are interested.

If you have never been on a previous Skatefresh Trip

Please email Trish at and she will send you a questionnaire about your skating and instructions for filming a video of yourself skating for your application.

Ability Level Requirements

The New York Group will be a max of 15 skaters, much smaller than the European trips because it requires a higher standard of skating/stopping and this trip is technically more demanding than any of the European trips so far.

NYC allows street skating legally on the roads but this requires a high level of skating ability and experience from the participants. You need to be at minimum, an Advanced Intermediate (or lower Advanced) Level skater to enjoy NYC.
You should be confident at;

  • Skating at medium high speed controlling your speed on downhill slopes (and continuing at a medium speed on the slope (ie not crawling slowly down it)
  • Using T-Stop, Heel Brake (if you wear it), Turn Stops to slow down and stop, Maybe a Powerslide.
  • Parallel turning and crossing over on corners (in both directions)
  • Jumping stuff in the road (e.g. manhole cover, puddles, potholes).
  • Skating on damp surfaces if we are unlucky with weather. We don’t tend to skate in pouring rain but sometimes we can get caught out and some wet skating experience is a must.

We will announce the successful skaters on 2nd August 2018 who can then go ahead and book their accommodation and travel.

This trip will be conducted in English.

Visa Requirements to enter the USA

Most nationalities can apply for a visa waiver to enter the United States.  You can easily apply for this online using the link below.  Please note:  it is your responsibility to check whether you need a visa or whether you can use the visa waiver program, but you must have one or the other before travelling.

Video: Asha in NYC – 72nd Street ending in Times Square

To see what a recent Skatefresh Trip looks like, check out Boris’s video of the recent Zagreb May 2018 trip below: