New York May 2016

Asha will be teaching several workshops in New York on her way from South America back to the UK. The classes will be in Central Park, exact locations TBA depending on local events etc. Over one weekend Asha will teach 3 workshops and also participate in several street skates while in New York.

Workshop Timetable

Saturday 7th May, 10am to 1pm: ALL ABOUT STOPS

This is an essential workshop for anyone skating without a heel brake (or wanting to). Relying on just a mediocre T Stop will not keep you safe and confident, especially at speed. The stops will start easy and become progressively more difficult.

We will look at various forwards stops including the T Stop, 3 versions of Plough stop and the Lunge Stop. We will also look at sliding slops such as the Hockey stop and Powerslide versions. 3hours eg. 10am-1pm

Saturday 7th May, 3pm to 6pm: BACKWARDS, TRANSITIONS, TRICKS + COMBOS.

This class is for all those ‘self taught’ backward skaters who have reached a plateau and are frustrated with transitions. Various methods of propulsion will be explored so that backwards crossovers (and possibly crossunders) can then be learned or polished. We will end by linking forwards and backwards skating with transitions to create 360 moves that really impress.

Sunday 8th May, 11am to 2pm: SPEED

Do you know what to train in order to skate faster? This workshop will dissect your Stride and your Glide so that both become an efficient ‘flow’. Work through Asha’s exercise progressions and develop greater accuracy, understanding and ability to apply this to your skating. We will also focus on forwards crossovers so that they work at higher speeds. If there is interest, we can also look at the Double Push. 3 hours eg. 11am-2pm


1 workshop $70
2 workshops $120
3 workshops $170

To book please send an email to identifying which workshops you’d like to book on and providing your name, email and phone number. Payment details will then be sent to you.

Further details of which street skates Asha will be skating on will come when this is arranged, but we are hoping for a Sunday afternoon skate after all the workshops are over.


Photos: Andre Muzell