Intermediate Skate Lessons/Workshops in London


Workshops – Boathouse, Hyde Park or Gladstone Park
One Day Intensive Workshops – Gladstone Park, North London

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Intermediate Workshops

Saturday 8th April: 2.30pm – 4.30pm “Speed and Transitions” (Hyde Pk)
Saturday 20th May: 2pm – 4pm  “All About Stops” (Gladstone Pk)
Saturday 3rd June: 11am – 1pm  “Backwards and Transitions” (Gladstone Pk)

One Day Intensive Workshops for Improver/Intermediate skaters (Gladstone Pk)

Saturday 29th April: 10am – 5.30pm
Saturday 17th June: 10am – 5.30pm

How much?

£85 for One Day Intensive, £25 for 2 hr workshops 

Places are limited so please book in advance by completing the booking form at the bottom of this page telling us your name and mobile number and the course date you would like to attend.

Intermediate level skaters occupy a large ability range which we cover mainly in our One Day Intensive Course for Improver/Intermediate skaters wanting to start skating backwards, increase their speed, learn crossovers and new stopping techniques. We are discovering that Intermediate level skaters enjoy the immersion in one day courses and benefit hugely from the training notes supplied after each class

The Intermediate workshops listed below are one-off workshops on various themed skills.

All About Stops  (Gladstone Park)

Having a larger stopping repertoire is a must for all skaters and here you will learn a variety of non-beginner stops including the Spin stop, T-stop, and Edge/Turn stop. We do not advocate that any skater removes their heel brake unless they have SEVERAL very reliable and confident alternative stopping methods. This workshop will help you develop the stops you need so you have a bunch of stopping options up your sleeve for any given situation. Stopping is the hardest skate skill to fully master, but your enjoyment and safety depend upon it being ‘fluent’.

Backwards and Transitions  (Gladstone Park)

You don’t need any  backwards experience to join this class, but if you are already skating backwards you will revise the basics and discover how your weak side is causing havoc with your backwards skating. You will learn 4 different methods of backwards propulsion, 2 simple backwards stops and begin your journey into transitions (forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards). If you are an advanced intermediate and are struggling with backwards crossovers or crisscross (for example), this in-depth review of backwards basics will enlighten you to the ‘gaps’ in your knowledge and muscle memory. Many report that their advanced backwards moves  improve significantly after this class.

 Speed and Turns (Boathouse, Hyde Park)

Are you exhausted after street skates while others appear not to be putting in a lot of effort? Do other skaters overtake you looking like they aren’t even pushing? Do you get ‘speed wobbles’ of uncertainty when you reach a high speed and wonder why? Learn Skatefresh’s ‘Stride Training Sequence’ which builds all the skills you need for efficient, powerful and effortless looking skating. This class is also a great aerobic workout on skates with fitness exercises thrown in. Get to grips with faster Parallel and Lunge turns.

If all this sounds like fun but you suspect your current skill level may not be quite up to it, why not try our Improver class or our One Day Invensive workshop for Improver/Intermediate skaters (which is the perfect ‘warm up’ for this intermediate level).

  • One Day Intensive Workshops – the most efficient and cheapest way to get Asha’s expert eye on your skating. Spend a whole day skating with her.
  • Street Skating – prepare for Sunday’s Stroll mass street skate and solo urban skating –  one of Skatefresh’s most popular courses.
  • Advanced Skating Workshop – where you will learn tricks, jumps, spins, fancy footwork and speedy manoeuveres in these drop-in lessons.

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