Advanced Skating Lessons

Advanced Skating Lessons & Workshops in London


Gladstone Park, north London
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Saturday 8th April 2017: 10.00 – 1.00
Saturday 10th June 2017: 10.00 – 1.00

How much?


Places are limited so please book in advance by completing the booking form at the bottom of this page telling us your name and mobile number and the class date you would like to attend.

The Advanced workshops will get to the technical heart of your skating. Asha’s expert techniques allow you to progress through each skill step by step in a  way that will allow first time learning and higher level polishing to take place in the same class. Advanced skills don’t get ‘learned’ in a day, they are a process of mixing specific body movements in a carefully planned order so that you increase your ability each time you practice correctly. You will have a logical ordering of exercises (for each skill) which will structure your practice to guarantee post-class improvement.

A typical Workshop will concentrate on the following techniques:
* backwards crossovers
* three turn entry into backwards powerslide
* ‘New York Shuffle’ stop (otherwise known as ‘those crazy sidewards steps that Farris uses to stop’)
* Backwards T stops (not the inverted one)
* Barrel Roll

Skills taught (in rotation) at Advanced workshops

Each month the clients help choose the next workshop topics. These often include;
Backwards Crossovers, Backwards Crossunders, Mohawk transitions, Jumps, Spins, Grapevine, Barrel Roll, Backwards Powerslide, Three Turns, Inverted Mohawk, Backwards T-Stops, combinations of transitions/mohawks/three turns/jumps (and other skills on request).

The  class content will be a continuation of more advanced backwards skating, discovering where the ‘gaps’ are in your backwards skating repertoire (usually in the area of favouring one leg for weight bearing and edge control). You need to be comfortable with general backwards skating and already be doing a transition. This is a workshop for those who feel their backwards skating is very one sided and who want to increase their skill set and begin to sequence backwards moves and transitions to create flowing, unique and impressive looking skating.

See an advanced workshop in action:

Here’s a video of Asha skating backwards in Amsterdam using many advanced level skills, particularly backwards crossovers and backwards crossunders, mohawks, backwards inverted mohawks, and three turns.

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