World Teaching Tour 2018-19


I hope your January is going well even if you are in winter and skating less. Rest time is often good for our skater bodies and you can indulge in other activities like skate video watching or editing what you shot in the summer. I have SUPER exciting news which I want to share with…(Read More)

Juan Peirotti from Argentina wrote to me with this question about his knees; I’ve been rollerskating (inline) for a year and a half. I love the sport and watched your videos. I learnt a lot with them, specially the Mohawk Transition and Backwards Powerslide Stop which I now perform with ease. I’m writing…(Read More)

An ICP1 instructor (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently wrote to me with this question.    Sadly, I’m writing to inform you that two 5 year old girls I know both broke their arms (Ulna and Radius) at the upper end of the wrist guard (in separate falls 9 months apart). One girl fell ‘backwards…(Read More)

Do you remember back in the Spring I was asking for volunteers to participate in a Powerslide video? Well the video is out and it’s my Gift to you. Today is my Birthday and I like to celebrate my life by spending time with my closest friends as time is the most precious gift…(Read More)

Here is this weeks’ Q&A all the way from Brazil. Q: When I am learning some new skill (intermediate/advanced), like a transition, a jump, or a powerslide for example, my body just freaks out when I am practicing. Even when I know all the theory, the basics, the right weight distribution, etc…but…(Read More)

Today’s question comes from a skate instructor who wishes to remain anonymous: “I’m struggling to make ends meet as an inline skate instructor and I wondered if you could share your main tips with us on “How To Not Fail at your Dream Job”.   If Facebook had existed when I started teaching…(Read More)

Q: “Ive been skating for about 2 years semi regularly, though I took to it pretty naturally I still feel like I could be a lot stronger staying on my center-outside edges to be able to increase my glide length! I feel like I am working too hard to keep up with other skaters…(Read More)

Las plazas serán limitadas así que es necesario reservar. Irene Jimenez sera el contacto oficial de Asha en Barcelona y es con ella que se hace tu reserva (por email por favor). Manda tu nombre, telefono, email y que Workshop quieres reservar a; ————————————————————————————– Workshop 1: Frenos 12hr-14hr €15 Para patinar…(Read More)

Q: Hi my name is Saadiyah and I am a newbie skater experiencing severe arch pain while skating its like a cramp on fire. Deconstructing what my foot is doing I think I am scrunching up my toes… Is this the cause of my pain and if so how do I train my feet to…(Read More)

I have some exciting news that I hope you are going to LOVE. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from skaters all over the world who like you are members of my Online Community. These questions range from specific technique issues (mainly skills not working despite practice), equipment queries and body/injury…(Read More)

Hard to believe but Skatefresh turns 17 in 2017, so we will be celebrating on Brighton seafront on Saturday 19th August. Come and join us! We begin at 1pm at Hove Lawns and there will be music, skate dance, slalom and skate games happening throughout the afternoon (Human Curling, Music Stopping Statues, Skating Congas…) Bring…(Read More)

Essa pagina aqui é só pra informar. O proceso de se inscrever nos workshops tem que ser no Facebook na pagina “Asha in Sao Paulo” onde todos os workshops estão listados como Eventos. Sexta 10 de março – 14hr – 19hr Aula Particular (ou grupos de 2 ou 3) R…(Read More)

Estava mexendo no computador procurando por algo, quando esbarrei neste vídeo filmado ano passado sobre como realizar o Cross over em linha reta patinando de costas… Não sei como aconteceu, mas finalmente aqui está ele pra vocês. O pré requisito para se tentar isso é que se saiba realizar o Cross over de…(Read More)

Patinar de espaldas es una petición común y aquí está un nuevo Vídeotutorial sobre cómo usar los Cruzados de Espaldas para patinar hacia atrás rápido en línea recta (sin usar la curvatura habitual de los cruzados…) El requisito previo para intentar esta técnica es que puedas hacer…(Read More)

Skating backwards is a common request and here is a new Video Tutorial on how to use Backward Crossovers to skate fast backwards in a straight line (without the usual curving of crossovers and crossunders….) The pre-requisite for trying this is that you can already do normal Back Crossovers (in a circle). I’ve…(Read More)

This video was commissioned and created by Powerslide so there are no subtitles. My apologies. I am the only non-Brazilian instructor online who makes video products either in Portuguese or with subtitles. However, just follow along with each exercise in the order shown and you can still benefit from the content. I’m being…(Read More)

En este video tutorial te mostraré los ejercicios y movimientos en parado que hay que hacer antes de pasar a la serie de ejercicios rodando. Esta lección está repleta de información y consejos acerca del Powerslide. También incluye cómo hacer un Powerslide normal y cómo resolver un problema habitual con…(Read More)

In this video tutorial I’ll show you the stationary exercises and movements to do before you then attempt a series of exercises rolling. This lesson is packed with information and tips about Powersliding including how to do a normal powerslide from backwards and also how to fix a common problem with one of the…(Read More)

Informações dos Workshops da Asha em Sao Paulo, na pagina de Facebook “Asha in Sao Paulo” Procure os workshops que você está interessado e faça sua reserva logo porque as vagas são limitadas. Qualquer pergunta por favor, faz no evento do Facebook e eu ou a…(Read More)