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A Week in Singapore


Singapore! What a great stay it’s been. Staying with old friends from London has been such a treat. I was shown around on skates by one of my online students and the Marina Bay area is just spectacular. Innovative, modern architecture, dramatic skyline and uniquely unusual buildings and urban creations like the Gardens by…(Read More)

Enthusiastic and hardworking students is all I can ask for. When some travel by plane from Kuwait to come to class I’m even more honoured….. New experiences included a mini “shamal” (sandstorm) during class, polished marble floors and the signing of T-shirt’s/helmets/iPhones! The group of skaters in Abu Dhabi were…(Read More)

by Paula Saturday 15th September was a big high; I completed my first inline skating marathon in Berlin. I’ve been training solidly, using the Skatefresh Beginner and Intermediate “Skate for Fitness” Online video training courses. I wasn’t strong enough to use my new 3 x 110 skates over that distance so I stuck…(Read More)

Here’s a new Video Tutorial to train a cool-looking move called “The Stroll”, which can be used as a dance step or just a “filler” in-between other moves. This is also my first solo video edit which I’ve been learning to do since June…(Read More)

This is of course a joyful occurrence and I’m deeply grateful for Powerslide for their beautiful skates but I always meet it with some trepidation because even in the best of scenarios, new skates usually mean some mild to heavy food discomfort for 4-8 weeks…….and that’s normal! I’ve been breaking…(Read More)

The debate in Asha’s head rages about which city is “the best” to skate in. It’s a long argument but Barcelona is one of them. Good quality tarmac, cycle paths everywhere, beach promenades, huge perfect lesson spots, Barcelona has it all. The Trip began with Barcelona’s Friday Night Skate with a group…(Read More)

Enormous Thank you to Boris Bengez and Dijana Dabić Bengez for their hard work in prepping this trip and being first class hosts and leaders. I’m so glad I let you them convince me in Rio (2017) that Zagreb would be a good idea for a skate trip….. Many thanks to Boris for his…(Read More)

Backward Crossovers are every backward skaters’ dream and most people rush to do them BEFORE their backward “building blocks” are solid. This usually leads to a host of different problems. Remember, all crossovers (backward and forward) are designed to generate speed on corners (i.e. NOT to be used in straight lines). If you are…(Read More)

This video tutorial using a real student gives a quick summary of how to use consecutive Parallel Turns to slow down and then stop. Some of the common problems you might make with this skill are highlighted and fixed, allowing you to benefit directly from “real student problems”. At higher speeds this method still works…(Read More)

I finally have some feedback from Asha directly when she looked at a couple of short videos of my training. Seems like what I am feeling in terms of improvement is confirmed by Asha. She said I have no inside edge pronation on either of my skates when pushing or gliding AND I have ZERO…(Read More)

I’ve been very frustrated by the weather over the last month – too wet or snowy in London to skate most of the time. But I got out today for a quick skate before the rain and DRUMROLL….. I started the Intermediate “How to Skate for Fitness” course. I just did the first 2 lessons…(Read More)

Pope Asha


Liam Andrews from Belfast uses Asha’s Online Courses to help him develop his skating skills. Here he recalls the moment he received a ‘Pink’ gift from his family on his 70th Birthday… “Not so long ago my two daughters organised a surprise birthday party for my 70th. I was having a great time in…(Read More)

World Teaching Tour 2018-19


I hope your January is going well even if you are in winter and skating less. Rest time is often good for our skater bodies and you can indulge in other activities like skate video watching or editing what you shot in the summer. I have SUPER exciting news which I want to share with…(Read More)

Juan Peirotti from Argentina wrote to me with this question about his knees; I’ve been rollerskating (inline) for a year and a half. I love the sport and watched your videos. I learnt a lot with them, specially the Mohawk Transition and Backwards Powerslide Stop which I now perform with ease. I’m writing…(Read More)

An ICP1 instructor (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently wrote to me with this question.    Sadly, I’m writing to inform you that two 5 year old girls I know both broke their arms (Ulna and Radius) at the upper end of the wrist guard (in separate falls 9 months apart). One girl fell ‘backwards…(Read More)

Do you remember back in the Spring I was asking for volunteers to participate in a Powerslide video? Well the video is out and it’s my Gift to you. Today is my Birthday and I like to celebrate my life by spending time with my closest friends as time is the most precious gift…(Read More)

Here is this weeks’ Q&A all the way from Brazil. Q: When I am learning some new skill (intermediate/advanced), like a transition, a jump, or a powerslide for example, my body just freaks out when I am practicing. Even when I know all the theory, the basics, the right weight distribution, etc…but…(Read More)

Today’s question comes from a skate instructor who wishes to remain anonymous: “I’m struggling to make ends meet as an inline skate instructor and I wondered if you could share your main tips with us on “How To Not Fail at your Dream Job”.   If Facebook had existed when I started teaching…(Read More)

Q: “Ive been skating for about 2 years semi regularly, though I took to it pretty naturally I still feel like I could be a lot stronger staying on my center-outside edges to be able to increase my glide length! I feel like I am working too hard to keep up with other skaters…(Read More)

Las plazas serán limitadas así que es necesario reservar. Irene Jimenez sera el contacto oficial de Asha en Barcelona y es con ella que se hace tu reserva (por email por favor). Manda tu nombre, telefono, email y que Workshop quieres reservar a; ————————————————————————————– Workshop 1: Frenos 12hr-14hr €15 Para patinar…(Read More)