Apps for Inline Skaters & Roller Skaters

Have you ever wondered how to take your skating to the next level? Now you can learn online with Asha’s incredibly popular Tuition Apps, already proven to enlighten you on correct technique, productive practice drills and she even identifies your common problems. Bit like magic?

Asha Kirkby, founder of Skatefresh, has put her years of teaching experience into video format and made her lessons available on your iPhone or Android device. Each App contains a series of high quality, professionally shot video lessons, expert demos with step by step instructions, and some graphics so that your skate time is effective and productive. Common problems for each skill are identified and fixed. The inline apps also include detailed notes and practice summaries. Her classes on Youtube are tiny drops of information. These apps are the river and lake!

Inline App Trailer video here:

Quad App Trailer video here:

Customer review of Skate Technique for Roller Derby 1 & 2

“Fantastic apps! I’ve been skating quads for about three years and consider myself an intermediate skater. I skate every week with Derby skaters who are working hard to achieve their minimum skills. These two app and others in the series have helped me understand the techniques involved. I really wish I had seen these earlier as they would have helped cut down on painful learning, repetition and the weeks where I lost confidence and wondered if I’d ever progress my skating skills.
Asha takes things step by step , the videos help show you specific exercises and techniques which will help you understand what you need to do to achieve minimum skills. This is an excellent learning aid, with masses of great quality video which can help you speed up the process of learning. Watch the videos and practice the exercises as they are demonstrated and your skating will rapidly improve.”
– Tony (UK)