Amsterdam – Speed/Fitness Skating & Stops Workshops 15th Sept 2018

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Speed/Fitness Skating Workshop 1100 to 1400

Location: Diemerpark
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Every skater spends MOST of their time on skates JUST SKATING! However if your Skating Stride lacks the essentials, you will not get the Fitness benefits that skating offers and you may create bad habits over time that can lead to ‘slow onset injuries’ (e.g. ankle, knee, hip pains from persistent pronation on an inside edge).

There are 3 parts to your skating Stride; The Push, the Glide and the Regroup.
All 3 must be correct for the stride to flow, look good and produce sustained high speeds.
Are you Pushing efficiently?
Is your Glide correct in terms of edges and cadence?
Is your Regroup maximising your Stride or is it destroying all the hard work you just put in?

Asha’s series of Stride exercises is designed to progressively train all 3 parts of your Stride and help you understand what’s needed for super smooth (and fast) skating. This workshop will leave you with many drills to train and perfect over coming weeks which will improve your technique and your fitness and lower body strength if you do them regularly. This workshop is NOT appropriate for Beginners. You should already be able to skate the Amsterdam Friday Night Skate as a pre-requisite.

All About Stops Skating Workshop 1600-1900

Location: Vondelpark – Meet on the terrace of the  Tenis Club, Kattenlaan, at 1550.

The Most important of ALL skills on skates is how to stop and every skater should have several high functioning Stopping methods in their tool kit. We begin with the easier stops and work through to the more complex ones.
The majority of skaters do not realise that by neglecting their stopping methods they not only increase their risks but also impede their learning of other skills such as fitness and speed skating.
Unfortunately the main cause of accidents on skates is insufficient mastery of stops.
Don’t be the skater who after an accident says, “I wish I had learned to stop better”.
This workshop is NOT suitable for beginners (who should focus 100% on mastering the Heel Brake Stop before any other methods).
Plough Stop (2 versions)
T-Stop (so that it actually stops you)
Turn Stops (Parallel Turn and Lunge Turn variations)
Powerslide (forwards and backwards entry)
Combining Stops into functional sequences (eg, T-Stop into Plough or Turn Slalom into T-Stop into Powerslide).

Book both workshops for £53 (60€)