Ever wondered what shadowing Asha at work would be like?

Ever wondered what shadowing Asha at work would be like?

Mini Summer holidays in UK Wow!! What lovely impressive and intense four days I spent in UK. Starting with the classic English weather, from which I had a taste of everything, misty rain, pouring rain, storms and glorious sun!! I wanted to skate on Friday, but the uninvited rain turned up and changed all theContinue Reading

How to skate without leaning forwards and fix lower back ache.

Here’s a new video tutorial on a common problem often experienced by Beginner skaters; lower back ache. The solution is not always obvious but it can help. Leaning forwards when you learn how to skate is a common issue for new skaters when they try to copy the forward incline of faster speed skaters. EnglishContinue Reading

Video tutorial on how to balance on one skate.

This video tutorial shot in Rio de Janeiro gives beginner skaters a simple and safe way to practice one legged glides. Being able to balance on one skate is an essential skill for fast, efficient skating and a foundation skill for all other skills. This same exercise can be used for inline skates or quadsContinue Reading

Skatefresh’s skates go to Wales

Skatefresh has always had several stocks of hire skates primarily used in schools in London and Brighton. When Asha moved from Brighton back to London earlier this year one set of skates was homeless but finally due to the enthusiasm of a sports worker in Wales (who is herself a skater), the Skatefresh skates madeContinue Reading

Video tutorial on how to do simple transitions on quads.

This edition of the Skatefresh Blog Tutorial shows you how to do simple transitions on quads from forwards skating to backwards skating and then back again from backwards to forwards. This version is a good introductory technique for transitions for low and medium speeds only. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek96bzbrPL8&feature=youtu.be  

More instructor certifications in Barcelona – Oct 2013

The vibrant and busy skate scene of Barcelona once again brought me to the beautiful city, where there is more good quality tarmac than anywhere I have ever skated. However, as I left Madrid the weather forecast for the weekend was truly frightening, heavy rain, storms, lightning. My heart sank. I was deeply worried aboutContinue Reading

Skate Video Tutorial on how to steer quads skates.

I’m enjoying teaching simple skills in this Blog series of tutorials but I realise that many skaters are lacking some basics due to not having had formal instruction before. So here is a video tutorial not on an actual skill but on a fundamental basic concept of steering quads skates. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owSquqDwnGw&feature=youtu.be Inline skates use leaningContinue Reading

Asha training higher level instructors in Madrid (September 2013)

Asha training higher level instructors in Madrid (September 2013)

I’ve been an Examiner for the ICP (http://www.inlinecertificationprogram.org/) since 2004 and in that time my responsibility is to take enthisiastic skaters and train them in the ICP Level 1 Instructor syllabus and then certify them when they pass the exams. This is the beginning of a skate instructor’s career. A small number of successful levelContinue Reading

Video tutorial on how to skate correct edges. Useful for all skate skills and tricks.

Here’s a new Skate Video Tutorial, this time not on one particular skill but on the basic grounding of edges. Which edge do we want in each situation and which edge do we have and how to fix incorrect edging such as inside edge pronation. This video tutorial is useful for all inline skaters ofContinue Reading

Video tutorial on two footed turns with ‘pumping’

Here’s a new video tutorial for inline skaters wanting to learn more ‘care skills’. This one is on ‘Pumping’ or the creation of acceleration without a stroke during a two footed turn. This is a prerequisite skill for the Double Push which has this element incorporated but on one leg (after the usual stroke). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2iUI5wtlx8&feature=youtu.beContinue Reading

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